Who we are

The Toronto Industry Network (TIN) is an association of manufacturers and industry associations with operations in the City of Toronto.

TIN member companies represent a wide range of manufacturing sectors including food and beverage processing, paper product manufacturing and packaging, fibre glass, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cement, energy, electrical equipment, general manufacturing and warehousing and distribution.

TIN provides the manufacturing community with a strong voice at City Hall and Queen's Park by participating in the formulation of policies that affect industrial operations. In working to help make our City more competitive for manufacturing within Canada and internationally, TIN has been very engaged in recent activities such as: maintaining industrial land, noise regulations, ensuring reliable and cost-effective municipal utility costs and services, competitive property taxes, the efficient transportation of goods in and out of the City, and maintaining an operational Port.

Manufacturing is an important part of the City’s economy, and a significant employer of Toronto and area residents. It is important to ensure that this contribution continues to thrive as our City evolves over time TIN works closely with all municipal stakeholders, including City leadership and staff to ensure public policy is compatible with the manufacturing sector.

Did You Know?

  • Toronto’s 5,020 manufacturing and warehousing establishments employ more than 135,700 people, approximately 9% of the city’s workforce (2018 data).
  • Almost 11% of full-time jobs are in manufacturing and warehousing and this sector has the highest proportion of full-time jobs (93.4%) compared to all other sectors. The link to the Toronto Employment Survey is: toronto.ca/city-government/data-research-maps/...
  • Key industry clusters in Toronto include:
    • Food and beverage
    • Plastic and rubber
    • Textiles and apparel
    • Biomedical and pharmaceutical
    • Steel and steel products
    • Automotive
    • Information & Communications Technology manufacturing
  • In 2018, manufacturing accounted for $15.6-Billion (2012 dollars) or 8.4% of Toronto’s estimated 2018 GDP.
  • Manufactured goods accounted for 64.6% of Canada's total exports in 2018. This is the link where you can download total exports data: https://www.ic.gc.ca/app/scr/tdst/...
  • In 2017, Toronto manufacturers paid approximately $198-Million in industrial property taxes at a tax rate of 2.58% including education tax and other levies (from City of Toronto - Tax Levy By-law for 2017).